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Air Freight Insurance HK Agent Service Company

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Air Freight Insurance HK Agent Service Company


China Import contact person :COCO LEE

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As the enhancement of people insurance consciousness, more and more people begin to pay close attention to and buy insurance.Cargo transportation insurance as the subject-matter of the goods in transit, the underwriter with respect to the goods caused by natural calamities and accidents, loss is responsible for the insurance liability to pay compensation.Types are divided into: railway cargo transportation insurance, carriage of goods by waterway cargo transportation insurance, aviation insurance, highway cargo transportation insurance.Don't different due to the insurance, the insurance rates vary, the scope of compensation also have difference.So the company should be based on the nature of the import and export commodities, the different means of transportation, near and far distance, seasonal changes in the weather, as well as to the specific situation at that time and other relevant factors to decide which one kind of insurance coverage is more reasonable.The cargo transportation insurance need to pay attention to?What are the information to purchase goods transportation insurance?Premium rate is commonly?