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Australia Fabric Import Suzhou Logistics

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Australia Fabric Import Suzhou Logistics

China Import contact person :COCO LEE

Mobile: +86 13712788556 Mobile: +86 15026961630     


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Importing document&licence&charge for Fabrics :


Form E (free tax)

Packing List

Declare Elements


Description of Goods


SEEHOG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD how help you when you import fabric to China ?Fabric variety, many countries have their own distinctive fabric, because of production and life demand, China will be imported from countries around the world all kinds of fabric back to China, of course, our country also has many cloth exported to countries around the world.These fabrics imported to China need to prepare what data?The cloth of which countries can tariff-free imported to China?Fabric imported duty-free need to prepare what data?How much is the normal general fabric import tariff to China?All of them are 17% VAT?All kinds of fabric to declare whether need inspection?Do you have fabric to import?You have what not clear we need to help you answer?Into the buckle cloth to China, let us help you!